Ford OEM Certification

K-ceps is proud to be Ford OEM Certified

Why OEM Certification matters and how it benefits Ohio Ford owners

Safe like the day it was built

The manufacturers who designed, engineered and built your vehicle are the only ones who know your vehicle intricacies the best. That's why we only follow the OEM guidelines they publish which determines the best practices of how to fix your exact make and model. Following their protocols ensures your vehicle remains as safe as the day it was made.

Maintain your warranty

Having your Ford repaired the OEM way ensures your warranty is still valid. Any repairs that do not follow the manufacturer's recommendations not only will void your warranty, but compromise the safety and structural integrity of your vehicle.

Imperceptible repairs

How your car looks after its repaired is important to most of us. But what is under the surface is what matters the most. Most shops will cut corners you may not be able to see jus to save themselves time and money. Missed or skipped steps could put you and your passengers at risk. Following OEM repair procedures ensures no steps are missed throughout your vehicles repair.

Retain your Resale value

When your vehicle is repaired following the OEM guidelines, your repair is certified. This means factory correct repairs are virtually undetectable compared to improper repairs. With an intact warranty and practically invisible repairs, your car's resale value will take much less of a hit so you can trade-in or sell for the best bang for your buck.

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